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How To Love Your Job Without Neglecting Your Family

Some may assume that I am always in the sky and never home with my family.  I can’t blame them because with the job that I have you would think so.  A question I get asked a lot from people, ” how many days are you gone at a time?” That is a difficult question to answer and it depends on the flight attendant.  I have more flexibility now than any other job.  And if you know me well, I have had many. Read More


Victim vs. Perpetrator

I appreciated every happy moment that we had.  I did not know how long it was going to last.  I did not know when I would get into one of my moods.  Just when you think everything was falling into place.  We briefly separated.  The short time he was gone I was lucid enough to know that, I wanted to make it work.  I love this man, even through this time of turmoil.  I wanted to save my relationship. Read More

Brussels, Belgium

Once we got to the hotel, I toke a very short nap and immediately headed out. We headed over to Grand Place. Before we started to tour the town, we stop into this little café and had some Belgium waffles. You can not be in Belgium and not have waffles. The breakfast hit the spot to start our tour adventure. Read More

Does Real Love Really Exist?

When you look at the outer surface of a relationship everything looks perfect.  You immediately start building a comparison.  One statement that I have seen on social media time and time again is “relationship goals”  although I am really not bothered when someone comments, but it makes me wonder.  Pictures do not show you any imperfections all you see is PERFECT and that is what I want, what I see.  Read More

DIY Bench

Now, as much as I love to thrift shop.  I do not know how to sew and I don’t like to refurbish items.  I did realize that the bench needed some work and I was mentally asking myself “do I want to take this project on?”  When I saw it, the burlap you see in the picture was falling off and the bench was lifeless. Read More

DIY Home Scent on the Stovetop

The idea never crossed my mind but it made sense.  When you are cooking it smells your whole house so why not create scents on the stove top.
When I clicked on the pin and started reading it was suggesting using apples, oranges, lemons, cinnamon and much more.  You can create so many scents. Read More

Holiday Preparation/School Party/Snapchat

What makes this part different from the others?  I had to share me, myself and I between two classes.  My daughter told me that I must spend some time in her classroom and take part in her party as well.  Her wish is my command.  Read More

Do you know what is being done behind your back

You have to learn to teach yourself something that I call common sense love.  What does that mean?  Making sure you are alert and not naïve or unrealistic.  We are humans who are prone to error.  We make mistakes and at times we are repeat offenders with our mistakes.  Teaching yourself to change your though process is difficulty but that is ultimately what I want you to do, change your way of thinking. Read More

I want to go back

Since I love to eat, I had a meal from each Island .  I could not leave Haiti the place where I was born and not have a home cooked meal.  If we were able to bring food on the boat I would have gotten two platters.   While in Mexico we rented a scooter so we can easily get around town.  We found this cute little spot right by the beach.  We stop to get a bite to eat and go for a swim. Read More

Chiffon Blouse

I am wearing a light red chiffon blouse.  The blouse is very thin so I wore a tan tank top with spaghetti straps underneath.  The pants are stretchy and comfortable.  The loafers have a splash of red to match the chiffon blouse.  Since it is the holiday season my Santa Claus bracelet was a great finish to the look. Read More

Black and Yellow

Enjoying every minute of my weekend.  Black jeans, yellow t-shirt, yellow and black hoodie and Timberland boots.  When I get dress comfort is so important to me.  Girlie girl with a big splash of simple and cute. Read More

Jaffa In Tel Aviv, Israel

The flight was long, but the crew was phenomenal.  I was a little scared going to Israel.  The fear of not knowing what to expect.  The was the first time in my travels both work or personal that I felt this way.  Read More

Short Hair, No Makeup, and Confident

I toke the dress to her, told her what I wanted and now the dress has a perfect fit.  I wore this outfit over the summer to my son’s birthday party.  Simple look that I paired with a lite colored sleeveless denim jacket, along with my Nike high tops. Read More

Do not allow yourself to be distracted by the negativities of this world, pay attention, stay positive and live life - Sherley Altidor
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